Probando Monstroid 2

People have been tapping into the power of the wind for thousands of year with the invention of windmills and even sailboats. Without using the wind, there wouldn’t be a history of ocean explorers in our past. The Earth is heating because of the burning of fossil fuels and people are starting to look into other means of powering things. Wind is a form of energy that is caused by uneven heating of the atmosphere by the sun. Wind energy doesn’t create toxic emissions like fossil fuels do and it is a clean power source. Like any clean power source, it has its advantages and can be truly beautiful as well as sustainable.

Since wind is something that occurs naturally and constantly occurs on a regular basis, it replenishes itself in a natural way. Wind won’t run out and scientists believe the sun will shine for 6-7 billion years. Wind energy is renewable and doesn’t emit greenhouse gases which pollute the air or water.

Making wind power requires capital up front, but once the turbines are installed, the cost of running them is very low. They take routine maintenance to ensure that they operate seamlessly, but their durability ensures that they will be around for a long time. Those cost savings can be translated over to customers who use wind energy to get the power they need.

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